[GM] “Breakout” Escape Room arcade in Hongdae

On November 25, 2021, four YG members and two exchange students went to the “Breakout” escape room arcade, a global franchise with 12 branches across various countries. Since the arcade had an English video about the game rule, strategy, characters, etc.,  exchange students could understand the game without great difficulty. The group was separated into two to play the game. […]

[OS] Having lunch and touring Yeonnam-dong

On 21st November, 4 YG members and 3 exchange students had gathered up at the front gate of Yonsei at 12:00 p.m. We introduced ourselves and headed directly for lunch by taking a bus to a restaurant, specializing in “kalguksu” noodles and jeon (pancake). We conversed on various topics such as our plans for Christmas and our interests such as […]

[GM] G-Plex Arcade

The second Game Maniac 2(GM2) was held on October 2nd. Three exchange students and four Yonsei Global members enjoyed Arcade named G-Plex. We met up in front of the gate of Yonsei university at 6:20 pm and headed to the arcade. On our way, we introduced ourselves and asked some questions to get to know each other. We went straight […]