[TS]Korean Grilled Galbi

On October 5th 2021, 4 YG members and 4 exchange students have a meal at 명륜진사갈비 in Sinchon. As the Covid19 situation is getting severe and the policy if government is strict, we divide into two groups. The members of first group met at noon and the others met in the evening at the front gate of Yonsei University. The […]

[LS]Laser Tag Games

On October 5th, 4 YG members and 4 exchange students met at Hongik University station for the LS program. Today’s activity was laser tag games. We met at 3:30PM and moved in 2 different groups to LaserX.  We chatted inside while waiting for our turn and listened to instructions for the games. We also came up with nicknames for the […]

[OS]Visiting Gyeongbokgung

 On October 3rd 2021, 4 YG members and 3 exchange students met at the front gate of Yonsei University at 12:30pm. We had some lunch in Sinchon and took a bus heading to Gyeongbokgung. After we arrived at the destination we visited the Hanbok rent shop. After renting a Hanbok, we bought tickets and we started touring Gyeongbokgung. We took […]

[KMA]88 Olympic and Korean Architecture

The first KMA event of 21-2 semester took place on ZOOM at 12:00pm. Although our museum tour was cancelled due to the severe COVID-19 situation in Korea, four YG members and one exchange student had attended with an excitement. The main topic of today’s meeting was 1988 Korean Olympics and its impact on Korean architecture. The night before we met […]

[KMN] About Time

The first Korean Movie Night was held on September 6th. 4 exchange students, 3 Korean students, and 3 of the YG staff gathered on zoom at 6pm. We started out by getting to know each other, and we all took turns introducing ourselves, talking about our background and movie preferences. Then, using “Teleparty”, which is a Chrome extension that allows […]