[TS]’청년다방’, Cheonnyeondabang

On October 6th, 2020 , 4 YG members and 3 exchange students got together in front of the main gate of Yonsei Sinchon Campus. We moved altogether to ‘Cheonnyeondabang’ located in the middle of Ehwa and Sinchon station, next to the Sinchon CGV. As it was quite early to have dinner, for the sake of ‘great’ dinner, we took the […]

[TS] ‘대포찜닭’, DaepoJJimdak

On October 6, 2020, we had a first “Tasty Shinchon” program. 3 Exchange students and 5 Yonsei general students gathered in front of Yonsei University and went to “DaepoJJimdak” to introduce Korean food and have dinner together. “DaepoJJimdak” is a famous restaurant for Yonsei University students because it is not far from the school and the food is very delicious. […]

[LS] Kayaking

In a lovely autumn in October 7th, we headed for the Han River to kayak. Four trainees and four exchange students participated the program. First, we took the subway and moved to the Han River, keep our things in the locker, and then listened how to kayak from the safety guard. There were many people who have never experienced kayaking […]