[LS] Riding bicycles along the Han River

On Novermber 18th, the third Leisure Sports program of this semester was held in Yeouido by Han River. A total of 16 people, including 6 Yonsei Global members and 10 exchange students participated in the activity. Most of us gathered at the main gate of Yonsei University at 3pm, while the others came directly to Yeouido Han River Park. Then […]

[GA] Cleaning Yeouido Hangang Park

On November 17th, our third ‘Global Angel’ program was held. 7 exchange students and 6 YG members gathered at the main gate at 12:30 p.m. We moved to Han river together by bus. After arriving at Yeouido Hangang Park, we all started picking up garbage on the floor. There was not as much trash as we thought, so we could […]

[KMN] Watching Korean Movie, ‘Okja’

The second Korean Movie Night of this semester took place on November 13th. 6 Yonsei Global members and 2 exchange students gathered in S118B in Science Research Center at 7 pm to watch a Korean movie, ‘Okja’. At first, we introduced ourselves to one another and our team leader briefly explained about the movie. Then we watched the movie for […]

[LS] Climbing at The Climbing Gym and Shop

On November 11, at 4 p.m. YG members and 7 buddies met at front gate of Yonsei University. AS it was Pepero Day, the leader of LS team gave Pepero to buddies.. Our destination is The Climbing Gym and Shop in Hongde station. So we walked, took a subway and went to Hongdae. we arrived at 4:30 p.m. All member […]

[CT]Visiting the Amorepacific company

On November 9th, 14 foreign students and 5 YG members visited the Amorepacific company. We gathered in front of New Millennium Hall at 8:20am and took a bus that YG booked. Everyone was given a bottle of water and Kimbab for breakfast/lunch. It took about an hour ride to the company, and from there the guide of the company led […]

[OS] ‘Seoul bit-chorong festival’

For the third one shot program, we visited cheonggye-cheon on November 10th. 4 YG members and 9 exchange students were there. The light show, which is officially called ‘Seoul bit-chorong festival’ was held on that day and that’s why we picked cheonggye-cheon to visit. ‘Bit-chorong’ means that the light twinkles. We met in front of the school, and took a […]