[TS] Tasty Shinchon Program (November 1st)

On Thursday (November 1st), we are going to eat a highly popular Korean street food or snack, “Tteokbokki” at a famous restaurant in Shinchon.
TTeokbokki, also known as “spicy rice cake” has a spicy, slightly sweet and chewy flavor that easily makes it addictive!
You will find yourself looking for more during your stay in Korea. Not only will the dishes be great, but we will also have a fun time with both the exchange students and the Yonsei Global members joining tables as well.

We will begin the program by introducing the menu through a short presentation about the Korean foods in Shinchon, as well as a short guide to the famous restaurants nearby.

At the end of the presentation, we prepared a small gift for the participants, so stay tuned for them too!

Please contact us if you are willing to come at:


Email me!! Everyone is welcome!