[OS] Participating Lantern Festival

We went our last One Shot trip of the semester on November 13th.
We gathered in front of the main gate at Yonsei at about 4:00 in the afternoon and headed to Euljiro 4-ga station using the subway.



We arrived at Gwangjang Market around 6 pm, which is the most active time of the Market, so we could try various food.

There were about 40 international students and 8 YG members.
So, we divided into 8 seperate groups, 1 YG members for every 5 international students, and try different food and have a good time

First, we went to a Korean restaurant to eat Yukhoe(raw beef) and Sliced Raw Octopus, which I think you want to experience once.
And the person who has a weak punch doesn’t have to worry about it.
Because we also try various food like Chicken Feet, bindaetteok (mung-bean pancake), patbingsu (adzuki-bean ice dessert) after dinner.


After enjoying the dinner, we went to The Cheonggye creek and appreciate Lantern Festival.
There were many various lanterns. We could take many beautiful photos.




There were many Korean historical lanterns and it was amazing.

Not only Korean Lantern, but also many international lanterns attracted us.
I was unaware of the passage of time.



Our tour ended about 8:00. For about 2 hours, We could be good friends.
It was a great trip, all thanks to Yonsei Global. We’ll keep it as a remembrance.