[KHM] War of the Arrows

On November 3rd, we had a KHM(Korean History Movie) program in Daewoo Hall B103!
We screened the movie called ‘War of the Arrows’. This movie is about the master of archery in the Manchu war.
By watching this kind of Korean movie, we can naturally get to know about Korean history.


* This is poster of the the movie 'War of the Arrows'


As so many students came last time, we had a limit on the number of students this time.
Around 25 exchange students came to watch the movie ‘War of the Arrows’ together.



Before the movie, we had some delicious pizza and Korean snacks from 6:30pm.



After enjoying pizzas, we got back to our seat and we started watching movie at 7pm.
As it was the movie about war, there were many action scenes and a lot of people died in the movie. We couldn’t tear ourselves away from the movie.



The movie was around two hours long, so the program ended at 9pm. It was great to watch Korean historical movie together with exchange students.