[KCE] Visiting Folk Village in Yongin

On October 23rd, our second program of KCE took place. We went to Korean Folk Village in Yongin. We gathered near the South gate and took a bus that was rented beforehand. It takes about an hour to get to the folk village from Yonsei University. 12 exchange students and 4 YG members participated in this program.



When we first arrived at the folk village, we had lunch together at Market Place inside the village. At Market Place, we could experience Korean traditional dishes. Our table had Sujebi, Kimchi Jeon and Haemool Pajeon. Sujebi is a Korean traditional soup consisting of dough flakes roughly torn by hand with various vegetables. Kimchi Jeon is a pancake with sliced Kimchi. Haemool Pajeon is a seafood and green onion pancake. For people who do not enjoy eating spicy food, I recommend you to try Haemool Pajeon.



Then we were divided into groups to look around the village. It was rainy, so many traditional performances were canceled, but if you visit the village on sunny days, you would be able to see unique performances such as Korean traditional wedding.



Houses differ depending on the region. In the cold northern regions of Korea, houses are built in a closed square form to retain heat better. In the central regions, houses are 'L' shaped. Houses in the southernmost regions of Korea are built in an open 'I' form. Also, they differ by the class and social status of the owner. We visited the nobleman’s house in the southern part.




After taking pictures, we went to the souvenir shop.



It would have been better without the rain, but the experience in the village was unique and interesting.