[LE] Walk & Talk in Hangang Park

We went on our first LE trip on October 1st. LE trip is a program where you participate with your language exchange buddies and do activities together. On this day we went to Hangang and had a pizza party. People gathered in front of Yonsei University front gate by ten thirty and headed for Yeouido Hangang Park. There was a bit of delay in schedule but overall everything went on smoothly.



At 11’o clock we took a bus from Sinchon and made our way for Hangang. The bus was quick and we were there by eleven thirty.

There we picked up the pizzas and sodas. There were plenty for everybody. We took a spot under the bridge in the shade and spread out our pizzas. There were many different flavors so people could all grab their favorite flavors. Each one of us grabbed a piece (or many more) and chatted on with new people they met. People had a time to get closer with their language exchange buddies and also with other new friends from other parts of the world as well as Koreans.



People also walked around the park for a while. The weather was perfect for walking around. It was neither rainy nor too cold. Perfect day for a picnic, which was a great thing.

After the get-along time with others, we gathered to participate in a game program led by Yonsei Global members. The best game was the team game. People were split into two groups and made efforts to win. People had to work together to draw the given word and the last person in line had to guess what the word was. Both groups only got one word out of the five, which was a tie. People kept guessing wrong words, which was fun to watch.



In the end there were three LE buddy pairs with the same highest score. The three pairs did a rock-scissors-paper in order to decide the first, second, and third place.

The LE buddy pair who won the first prize received special gifts from the YG team.



It was Yonsei University hoodies! The second and third prize winners also received their gifts, too.

Actually, everyone who participated in this LE program received presents from the Yonsei Global team, which was exciting. People all received Yonsei pencil cases. People were happy that they received a nice souvenir to remember Yonsei by.



The whole program ended at about 4pm.

We all took a group photo at the end of the program. People had much fun that it was sad to say goodbye. It was a great day for both language exchange students and the Yonsei Global members.