[KCE] Pottery Making at Hey-lee village

Yonsei Global had our second KCE meeting on September 25th. We first took 2200 bus from Hapjeong station to Hey-lee village which took about an hour. Many of our foreign friends joined us for a great day. Aside from the fact that we had to take two separate busses it was overall a smooth departrue.

When we got to the village, we realized that there were not only the ceramic museum but museum of modern Korean history and of coffee as well. At the ceramic museum, we went to try out the art of ceramic making. The place was smaller than expected that we had a blast decorating our own ceramic cups.



18 of us sat in a row and were first told quite a number of precautions:

1. Hold the body, not the handle

2. They are very easy to break

3. Mix your paints before you paint

4. Don’t forget to write your name on the bottom



Unfortunately we could not make the ceramic wares from scratch but instead had to use the ones that had already been baked once. On our pre-baked wares, we started painting our own unique designs, having an awesome time talking with newly-met friends.



Although we could not make the wares ourselves, we did have a chance to practice making dish-shape wares in their very first states.

After some time in the ceramic museum, we got hungry and grabbed some lunch.

As we were preparing to head back home, we saw the museum of modern Korean history and decided to give it a go. We were surprised that a history museum could be so much fun. We tried out different kinds of Korean school uniform back in 1980s and 1990s and ate some of traditional Korean snacks as well.



Overall, it was a great day for both us YGians and our new friends!