[KCE] Kimchi Making & Hanbok Wearing Experience

4th of September was the first day of KCE(Korean Culture Experience). We went to ‘Moon Guesthouse’ in front of the Changduk Palace to try on Hanbok and make some Kimchi.



Moon guesthouse was a part of the palace long time ago. We all listened to the host about the korean history and some interesting features about Hanbok.

Many exchange students tried on beautiful hanbok since there were kings and queens’ clothes, soldiers costume and many other colorful clothes and accessories. All the people enjoyed taking pictures of themselves.



Next, we made kimchi. Because of the red pepper powder and spring onion, soon the air was filled with spicy smell. Some students were worried that their kimchi might be too spicy. We found a kimchi master-whose chops were remarkable- and kimchi queen. Everyone had a great time.



Lastly we tried Korean traditional drink 막걸리 with 파전 and kimchi.  Exchange students went back to their dorms with great memories and a pack of kimchi.