Fisrt Step to Korea Seoul Tour Day2

29th of August was the second day of Seoul tour. The weather was perfect since the temperature has been cooled down recently.



Yonsei Global and the 80 exchange students started the tour from 63 building aquarium and the observatory. The wide river and nice weather offered the great scenery! Exchange students took selfies freely and got to know each other through the tour and shared their impression about Seoul.



We moved to the Han River park and went on a cruise tour. Students got excited feeding the birds.

Then, since a lot of people felt starving, we moved to the korean traditional food buffet and took a hearty meal. Exchange students tried many kinds of korean food especially 쌈밥 and 붕어빵. Even though they were not used to eating those food, they all enjoyed trying.



Lastly, we all moved to Seonyudo park and watched the night view of the Han river. It was a shame that the second day of Seoul tour was a bit limited to Yeoui-do. However, it surely was a great time for exchange students who took the ‘First Step to Korea’.