Fisrt Step to Korea Seoul Tour Day1

We had our first Seoul Tour on 26th Friday!


We visited the war memorial museum, Deok-Su palace and enjoyed Bibap show.

Can you see that beautiful sky?

Even though the sky of Seoul usually has gray color, luckily we had clear blue sky on Friday

First, we could learn about the Republic of Korea’s history of partition. .As we had help of English guide, it was easy to understand

And we headed for the Deok-Su palace.

Deok-Su palace is one of five royal palaces remained in Seoul. The name Deok-Su palace means “Palace for long life for Emperor Gojong”

After looking around inside the palace, we visited Lee JungSup exhibition.

There was also a most famous piece of his work.

Next we went to 자연별곡 for our dinner. The restaurant was buffet, so we had delicious Korean food as much as we wanted. I’ll definitely visit 자연별곡 again alone later.


Finally we watched Bibap show, and it was the greatest show I’ve ever watched.

There was no need to worry about not knowing Korean words. They almost don’t talk, and even those little words were spoken in English.

It was amazing trip in Seoul.

Thank you Yonsei Global!