[GA] Volunteering in Seoul National Cemetery

This time we head to the Seoul National Cemetery to help maintain and clean the place. Seoul National Cemetery, also called Seoul National Memorial Board, is where soldiers or other patriots who fought for Korea's independence are burried. Every June 6th, a national ceremony of prayer and reflection is heldin this place. 

14.05.2016 Saturday 10:00 am, the GA program participants gathered at main gate and left to the Seoul National Cemetery. About 10 exchange students participated for the program. It took about an hour to get there and the program was a bout 2-hour long. 

Thought the GA, Global Angel, is a volunteering program, since we are in one of the most visited historic sites in Korea, we first took some time to learn and see the place.  We bowed in front of statue of sacrificed spirits and had a carefel look at the walls for soldiers.

 After that we removed weeds which made the place a bit messy by using rakes. We did our best as a token of respect for the sacrificed soldiers. Asfter working hard under the burning Sun, we got a bit tired bu It was still a great time chatting and doing volunteer work.

 We were all satisfied with the program.