[LS] Cycling at Seoul Forest

The weather's perfect these days and who can actually refuse to go out and enjoy the sun shine and breeze of May?

There are lots of places where you can ride a bike in Korea.  Hankang river side is the closest and easiest place to go and ride but also the most visited place on Weekends. So this time we went to Seoul Forest.

08.05.2016 Saturday 11:00 am, we gathered at main gate and left to the Seoul Forest. It's rather close to Gang-nam, so it took about 1 hour by subway to get there.

 About 10 exchange students have participated for the program and we stayed there for 4 hours.

When we arrive, we have free time to ride a bike.  

 After we rode a bike, we ate chicken and coke for lunch. It was very delicious.  It was a great experience.

 We also played card games and Korean play called Su-gun-dol-li-gi.