[TS] Delicious Places around Shinchon (Japanese)

This post is written only based on writers' own experience.

These restaurants sell all Japanese foods.

We will quickly upload other kinds of restaurants, also.




Name : Hongdae Donburi

Type : Japanese

Menu :

Recommendation : Gatudong(when you go alone), Mix Gatudong+Shrimp Denpura Udon+Patato Goroke Set for 2 people(when you go with your friend in winter)

Rate : ★★★★★

Price : $

Atmophere : cheerful, cute(with many little Japanese figures)

Service (Kindness/Waiting time) : service is very good. And unless you go in peak time, you might not have to wait. But be aware that restaurant is not that big.

How to get there : 1. Go straight until you see Changchun church.

2. Turn left and go straight until you see Hongdae Donburi(the sign is not that big so you should find with consciousness)

Working Hour : AM 11:00 ~ PM 10:00(last order: PM 9:30)

Break time : PM 3:00~4:40

Comment : Hongdae Donburi is very popular restaurant that it has lots of branches spreading out Korea, such as in Inchon and Lottle World Mall.




Name: 겐로쿠 (Genroku)

Category: Japanese


* You can have bigger-sized udon without extra charge.

Recommended menu:

- Jidori udon: Udon with chicken

- Niku udon: Udon with beef

Rating: ★★★★★

Price: $

Atmosphere: Quite small and can be quite crowded. Japanese mood.

Service: Servers are kind, but there can be some waiting during lunch hour on weekend.

Accessibility: Right in front of Hello Kitty café.

Working hours: 11:30~21:30

Comment: You can taste warm and genuine Japanese noodle here. (It’s different from Ramen) 




Name : Donburi Mono

Type : Japanese


Recommendation : Ukedong

Rate : ★★★★★

Price : $

Atmosphere : This restaurant small but active. 

It takes short time enjoying food and people who visit here have smiley face while they are eating Ukedong.

Visit here and reflash your daily life!  

Service(Kindness/Waiting time) : Enjoy the japanese culture while you are waiting! It takes about 10 mins to eat your food you ordered. Here, you can find many people stand inline to enjoy their lunch or dinner. after you eat your own food, free to eat special bibimbab which they serve for you.

How to get there : Exit number 2 or 3 and walk toward Yonsei University 450m (takes about 9 mins).

Business Hour : Am 11:00  ~ Pm 23:00

comment : You can see many people waiting outside, standing in line to enter here. Price is not so expensive so you can visit here with pleasure. Enjoy Unique food with your friends here!




Name : Yutakana

Type : Japanese

Menu :

Recommendation : Curry or Bentto (Japanese box lunch)


Rate : ★★★★☆

Price : $$ (10000\ per person)

Atmosphere : ①Crowd (narrow) ②Lots of menu ③ Old-fashioned

Service(Kindness/Waiting time) : Kind / 5 minutes

How to get there : Behind the Choice Tacco (It’s on the Café Street)

Business Hour : AM 11:00 ~ AM03:00

Comment : So famous that you have to wait for 5~10 minutes

Due to small size of restaurant, you want to eat your dishes fast.

It opens at night.

It serve Japanese traditional dishes




Name : 미세기(Misaegi)

Type: Japanese food

Price: $$(13000)

Atmosphere: cozy and good

Service: as good as other restaurants

Business Hour : noon to midnight everyday

Menu :

Recommended menu: Today’s sushi

How to get: From the main gate, you go cross the right side pedestrian crossing and keep going right along the road then, you will see stairs downward. Go down and carry on walking then you cannot miss it..

If you are looking for a sushi restaurant, Misaegi may serve you the ever best quality sushi in Sinchon. I suggest you have

‘Today’s sushi with a glass of beer sitting at the bar. It is located in front of Yonsei University, a little bit right side hand.

 Rate : ★★★★☆