[SC] 1st Tasty Sinchon


     On 26th of March, 2016, 1st TS(Tasty Shinchon) team meeting was held at Yonsei central library. TS team is led by Jihyun Lee and this time Jeong-yoon, Hyeong-sun, Tae-hyun, Eui-seok, Woo-won and I also participated. TS was first organized in order to introduce 맛집(restaurants for foodies) to foreign student. Every participant in this meeting prepared their 맛집 list of their lifetime nearby Shinchon and shared their lists. Then, Ji-hyeon suggested to categorize 맛집s by Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Western, pub and etc. After categorizing 맛집s, Ji-hyeong assigned members to write introductions of 맛집s.


      The introductions contain pictures, suggested menu, rating, interior and mood, style, price, location(accessibilty), and comments from writer. These would be updated regularly on Yonsei Global website. And TS team wishes these would help exchange student to enjoy tasty experience in Shinchon.


     After the meeting, TS team visited one of 맛집, 돈불(Donbul), which was listed on the meeting. The highlight of the visit was precooked pork roast(삼겹살 and 목살). Packed with flavour and mesmerisingly tender, this was staggeringly good. Perfectly cooked and well seasoned, this was truly a triumphant piece of meat and well worth the price.