[KHM] the Masquerade

Most people come to the Global Lounge to study or have a group meeting but guess what? You can also come watch movie while enjoying snacks!

KHM stands for Korean History Movie, but don’t think that we are going to show you heavy and boring ancient history documents there. This time on March 31st, we screened ‘the Masquerade”, a fictional film about a man who resembles the 15th King of Cho-sun dynasty Kwan-Hae-Kun.

The man once was a crown who mimicked the king in front of folks in the middle of the market place but was taken in to the royal palace to take the role of the king while the real king took refuge because of an assassination against him. At first he was just excited at the fact that he was in the palace and playing tricks against others, but gradually he fell into his role and started to change things. For those of you who want to watch the movie, I will stop here.

While you watch movie you can also enjoy some Korean rice snacks!

The next KHM program will be on April 29th. Don’t miss the chance!