[TS] Delicious Places around Shinchon (Western)

This post is written only based on writers' own experience.

These restaurants sell all Western foods.

We will quickly upload other kinds of restaurants, also.




Name : Team 1994

Type : Western

Menu : 

Recommendation : Fungi Risotto, Rose Pasta

Rate : ★★★★☆

Price : $$

Atmosphere : quiet, romantic

Service (Kindness/Waiting time) : The servers are very gentle and kind. You might have to wait for some minutes if you go in peak time, especially from 5pm~7pm. But it might not take long as the restaurant is pretty big.

How to get there : (starting from the front gate of Yonsei University)

1. Go straight toward Sinchon Station until you see Café Pascucci(Sinchon Yonsei Branch)

2. Go straight to the road between Café Pascucci and Crispy Doughnut and you will finally find Team 1994 at the 2nd floor.

Business Hour : AM11:00~PM11:00 (Last order: PM 10:30) no closing day

Comment : Team 1994 is usually where young people have first meeting with others. So its atmosphere is pretty romantic and full of excited with their new (potential) boyfriend/girlfriend.




Name : James Chicago Pizza

Type : Western Food


Recommendation : James Chicago Pizza 8 inc

Rate : ★★★★

Price : $$

Atmosphere : Here, is not so small to enjoy food and atmosphere.

Open space, not so quite and not so noisy.

Service(Kindness/Waiting time) : Service is okay.

It takes about 15 mins to eat your pizza you ordered. Most of the time you don't need to wait outside of the restaurant so you just go inside and workers in there may welcome you!

How to get there : Exit number 2 or 3 and walk toward Yonsei University 300m (takes about 6 mins).

Business Hour : Am11:30 ~ Pm 22:30

Comment : When you like Pizza so much, and you want spend time with your friends in Sinchon, You should be here. Full of Cheeses on the Pizza is waiting for you with appropriate price.




Name : Seoga&cook

Type : Western

Recommendation : 한상차림 목살필라프 (Set menu 1- pork pilaf)

Rate : ★★★★☆

Price : $$$ (15000\ per person)

Atmosphere : ①Quantity ②Quickly Served ③ Luxurious

Service(Kindness/Waiting time) : Kind / Don’t Worry!

How to get there : nearby BeansBins or Anchoby Noodles

Business Hour : 11:30~22:30

Comment : Recommended for couple and group meeting.

 2 menu = 3 people or 2 hungry people

A little Expensive.

 I recommend rice dishes than noodles.




Name : 라구식당 (Ragu sikdang)

Type : Western


Recommendation : They only offer 3 foods: Ragu pasta, Lasagna and Bowl salad, and they all are delicious because they focus on just a few foods.

Rate : ★★★★☆

Price : $$

Atmosphere : Cozy and spacious.

Service(Kindness/Waiting time) : Quite ok. Normally no waiting needed.

How to get there : It is quite near the campus. From the campus, it is located at the left side of it. Coming out of the campus, go straight until you get to Holly’s coffee, then turn left at the corner of Hollys. Keep going, turn left and follow the road then you’ll find this sign and the restaurant!

Business Hour : 11:30~22:00 (Sunday closed)

Comment : Some people say their pasta and lasagna taste better than those in Italia. Believe it or not, try if you miss authentic Italian dish.




Name : Taco loco

Type : Mexican bistro

Recommendation : beef tacos (order this if it’s your first time eating taco or any Mexican food), enchilada (if you want something other than taco), guacamole

Rate : ★★★★☆

Price : $ (medium size: \6-7,000, large size: \8-10,000)

Atmosphere : exotic (?), not that crowded but the shop itself is rather small

Service(Kindness/Waiting time) : quick

How to get there : Go right in front of 대학약국, turn left in front of the Noodle Box, go straight down for about 2 blocks, it’s on your right side. Look for small and yellow one. (About 10 min. in total from the main gate)

Business Hour : 24/7

Comment : Bean Sprout soups are good for relieving hangover. Highly recommend this place after crazy party night. It opens 24 hours, it’s cheap, and it’s just a few steps away from nice bars and pubs. 



Name: 이트버거 (Eat Burger)

Category: Western


* They also have set menus.

Recommended menu: Bulgogi burger is popular among foreigners, and you should definitely try cheese chilli chips too!

Rating: ★★★★☆

Price: $

Atmosphere: Neat and cozy. Not crowded.

Service: Very kind and no waiting needed

Accessibility: It’s nearer from U-plex rather than the campus. From the campus, if you make a left at Doksuri pharmacy and go straight, then there would be Outback Steakhouse. Direction from there, check the map below. 

Working hours: 11:30~21:30

Comment: When you want a better burger than McDonald’s, then you should definitely visit this place. This place is also nice to have some beer too, which goes perfectly with their chips.