[SC] Feeling Passion at 1st KPD

     On 23rd of March, 2016, 1st KPD (K-Pop Dance) class was held at a dance studio in Sinchon. KPD team is led by Hyemi Lee and this time Jun-hyuk, Donna, Byoung-jun and I also participated. The song to which we danced was ‘Dumb dumb’, by Korea’s famous female idol group called ‘Red Velvet’. Red Velvet made their debut in 2014 and ‘Dumb dumb’ is their best known song. Everyone participated very enthusiastically and even though this song was hard to dance to, everyone did their best to follow.

     Since my class ended at 6, I was a little late. I went with another participant, and the problem here was that the dance studio was hard to find. Also, it was a bit small to move around freely. If it is possible to change the studio and if the number of participants is not less than this time, I think it would be better to change the space. 

     After 2-hour class, everyone went back to Sinchon to have dinner. We had chi-mac and foreign students really liked it. Everyone got along together really well and they said they are very looking forward to the next class and discussed which song they would like to dance to. I was really inspired that foreigners were very passionate towards K-pop. I hope they have more fun in remaining two classes.