UT Second Session

Still a lot of people motivated for the 2nd session of UT!

We gathered in front of the main gate of Yonsei on Wednesday 16th at 5:00 p.m.

We took the bus to reach the Sangam world cup futsal session.

This session was animated by Ji-Min KIM, a professional soccer player.

During the first hour, we did exercises to warm up and work on technique, such as dribble.

The next hour we divided into mixed teams. Although the game was intense, the girls were easily integrated in it!

It was a also a special day, as it was the birthday of Kyu-Byeong the leader of the UT club!

We went to a local fish market nearby the futsal to celebrate it with him.

The atmosphere was really nice and the big shrimps were delicious!

Thank you to all the participants!


by Claire