[GA] Global Angel 1st Program

On September 12th, we had our 1st gathering for Global Angel.

We met at Yonsei Main Gate and were divided into 6 groups to facilitate the socializing.

We then headed to the Seoul National Cemetery by subway. It only took about 30 minutes.
When we arrived, we were able to have a tour about the cemetery.

Some of us as representatives were also able to experience paying respect to the fallen heroes.

It was indeed a memorable event.

Then we headed to where we were to volunteer.

Due to the upcoming Korean thanksgiving holiday, the cemetery was undergoing a cleaning session for the tombs, so we helped out.

We raked the cemetery clean of cut grass, which was meaningful for the fallen soldiers. 

Afterwards we headed back to Shinchon to grab lunch.

It was optional, so about 20 students stayed to have some chicken.

We then said our goodbyes and parted.