[LS] Riding a bike at Han river


On Novermber 2nd, the third Leisure Sports program of this semester was held in Yeouido by Han River. A total of 14 people, including 8 Yonsei Global members and 6 exchange students participated in the activity. We gathered at the main gate of Yonsei University at 2pm. Our team leader bought a drink at the café and had a drink. We moved to the bicycle rental shop at the park by taking a bus. There we borrowed bicycles, one for each, and began to ride them along the Han River. We rode for almost one hour, and also took some pictures while riding bikes.

Our next schedule was to having dinner at the restaurant, Pizzamall, in Sinchon. So we had to take a bus again to move back Sinchon. We had delicious chickens and pizzas. We had a really great time, chatting about everything.

It was a fantastic day thanks to Yonseiglobal!