[TS] '유닭스토리', Yudakstory

On October 28, we had a third “Tasty Sinchon” program. 19 students including 8 Yonsei Global members gathered at the main gate 7pm and went to Yudakstory. This restaurant is famous for its unique chicken soup, so not only university students but other people such as office workers often gather in this place. In here everyone should make their own chicken sauce and many foreign students had fun when they made their own sauce. after eating all of the chickens in the soup, we added noodles in the soup. Especially western exchange students didn’t have much opportunity eating noodles in their region, but they really loved the taste of noodles with chicken soup.




We didn’t have a drink at Yudakstory. After taking a picture all together in front of the Yudakstory, 9 people including some YG members went to the drinking place. In this program exchange students only pay for the restaurant, not for the drinking places. So it depends on you whether you go to drinking, it’s not compulsory. At the drinking place we taught each other their own alcohol games of their country and had a lot of fun. We strongly recommend you to jon in this program. Tasty Sinchon is one of the best programs in Yonsei global, if you want to try gorgeous Korean foods and have a fun with other students.