[KPD] Learning how to K-pop dance

KPD 2nd had time to learn dance in October 8th 7pm to 9pm. 13 exchange students and 5 ygians participated in KPD.

About 15 students including members of YG joined this program.

We met at the front gate of Yonsei univ and walked by foot to Sinchon station “댄스플”

We learned Chungha’s hot song “snapping”.

Our tutor was so kind to teach us with patient and smile.

According to the tutor’s command, everybody learned step by step. Everyone actively participated in learning dance.

Everybody continued to repeat what we had learned in the break time.


The song “snapping” was so fast and difficult to follow, but with enthusiasm, we were able to do it.

Don’t hesitate to apply KPD. You can practice dancing slowly and then dance at it’s original speed.

You don’t have to be afraid of applying. Not everyone is good at dancing. You can just apply to KPD with passion. You will be able to dance with fun.