[LE] Walk and Talk

With the beautiful clear sky of autumn on October 6th, YG club members and LE students had the ‘Walk & Talk’ program in Yeouido Han River Park, enjoying the bright weather. Six YG members and eight LE students including the Korean buddies participated in the program to have a fun time together.

We first assembled at the main gate of Yonsei University at 12:30 P.M. to go to Han River together, taking the subway to Yeouinaru station. At the Han River Park, we spread the mats and had lunchtime having pizza and chicken. The foreigner exchange students especially loved the pizza topped with sweet potatoes, all saying that Korea might be the only country with this kind of pizza!



  After lunchtime, we played three different games, paired with partners, to break the ice and get closer to each other. The first game was to guess what movie the emojis are describing. The second game was to guess what the keyword is according to the body gestures of a team member. The last game was for all team members to make the same body motion after receiving a keyword.



We all enjoyed playing games, not only getting along together but also laughing a lot. We successfully wrapped up the program by taking a group photo. It became a meaningful moment for all of us to remember.