[TS] ‘걸작 떡볶이', Tteokbokki

We had our first ‘Tasty Shinchon’ program on Thursday September 27, 2019.

About 10 exchange students and 7 YG members gathered in front of YG club room.

We went to ‘Guljak tteokbokki’ to have tteokbokki.

Many exchange students have never had tteokbokki before.

They said tteokbokki is not as spicy as they thought. They really enjoyed tteokbokki. We also had chicken, which is the best combination with tteokbokki.

The program took about an hour and a half, but after that, we went for a drink!!!

At the bar, we became close by informing each other of their country's drinking games. We also made a team and played a team drinking game.

It was really fun!!!!!