2015 Fall semester orientation

Today, we held an orientation for 2015 fall semester exchange/visiting students.

First, there was a general announcement about the school life, and after lunch, Yonsei Global began the orientation, First Step to Korea.


The most famous dance crew in Yonsei, "FEVER" marked the beginning of the orientation by showing a fabulous K-POP dance performance. (It was definitely the time when students showed their most passionate reaction:) )

After the opening stage, our two MCs, wearing beautiful Korean traditional clothes hanbok, talked about various Yonsei Global programs provided for exchange students. There was also a session in which the exchange students from last semester came up to the stage and talked about their experiences in Korea, especially the "culture shock" when they first came to Korea. Other school clubs besides Yonsei Global, IYC, Emmaus, and Mentors Club also gave short welcoming speeches for exchange students.

In the recess time, we took applications for the KCE and CT, and after the whole orientation, we took applications for the Seoul Tour. We were surprised to see that so many students waiting in lines willing to participate! Thank you for your active participation.
We hope you had a great time in the orientation.


Tomorrow we have a Seoul Tour Day1. Take a rest and see you soon.