[LS] Riding a bike in Han river park

<Riding a bike in Han river park>

We went to Yeouido Han river park and rode a bike and 13 people joined including 5 people from the club and 8 exchange students.

We assembled at the front gate of the school and took a bus to get to the park.

We arrived at the rental shop and borrowed bikes for an hour. We arbitrarily grouped into 3 groups and traveled Yeouido Han river park.

The weather was perfect. Little bit of the wind and not too hot air made great combination for us to ride a bike.

After riding a bike, few of us played in water sprinkling water on each other and running after a water shower ambush. It was like a being an 8 years old child and we had so much fun.

All of us was starving and ate chicken, Tteok-bokki and a pizza with beer. We got sleepy after all the fun we had.

It was a nice summer picnic to the Han river and I will not forget this day’s joyful memory.