[CT] Visiting Amore Pacific

The Second Company Tour Program to Amore Pacific

We had our Second Company Tour Program on 24th of May, 2019.

We visited the Amore Pacific R&D Center and enjoyed our time to look at the process of cosmetics being made.

There were fourteen of us, including eight exchange students and six of our club members. We met in front of the New Millennium Hall and got on the bus that our club rented on our way to the center.


The whole course took about four hours. It took about an hour to get to the center and get back to school. So, the tour inside the company itself took about two hours.

Inside the center, we learned about the history of Amore Pacific and the foundation ideology of the company.

Also, we were able to watch the process of cosmetics being made. We made a postcard of ourselves by taking a picture  as a celebrity advertising their products.


Are you concerning about which program you should choose to make a wonderful memory in Korea? How about visiting the Amore Pacific R&D center and learn about Asian Beauty?

You can’t take a picture inside the center because it is a confidential information but you can get a lipstick with your name written on and take it back to your home as a souvenir and remind the scene you’ve watched!