[TS] ‘춘천집닭갈비’, Dak-galbi

We had our last Tasty Sinchon program on Thursday May 9, 2019! It was a fantastic sunny day for a gathering.

About 7 exchange students and 5 YG members met in front of the student union hall and walked to the restaurant ‘춘천집닭갈비’.

We went to eat 닭갈비 for dinner and everybody enjoyed it. 닭갈비 was cooked in front of us and it looked delicious. We’ve also ordered rice to eat with it.

Many exchange students hadn’t tried 닭갈비 before, so I think it would have been a fresh new experience for them. We talked about our school life, things to do in Seoul and lots of interesting things while having our meal.

After we finished eating, we took a photo and went to 설빙 which is a café that sells shaved ice (빙수). It was literally a delightful tasty experience of Sinchon.

It took about 2 and a half hour (6:00PM~8:30PM) for this program and it was a marvelous time.

Thank you Yonsei Global!