[GD] Second day of Global Day

We held a big event called ‘Italy Day’ at global lounge in May 8th and 9th. We ran 7 booths.

First of all, we ran a booth where people who come to this booth solve some quiz about Italy. Italy is very famous for pasta.

Therefore we ran second booth where people looked some noodles of pasta and matched the noodle’s name to them.

After solve these quiz, people could take pictures wearing Italian traditional costume. Some people even wore Italian traditional dress and hat.

After that, people went to next booth and threw fake orange to dolls. It was for letting people get to know about battle of orange which is held every year in Italy.

Then, people saw short video of Italian movie and repeated the lines in the video. At the sixth booth, people looked masterpieces of Italian artist and matched them with keywords.

After finishing these six booths, we gave stickers. People collected stickers and took lottery one to get some giveaways.

Many people in Yonsei came to our event and response about Italy Day was good.