[LS] Rock Climbinb

LS – Rock Climbing

We had our second LS Program on May 4th Friday!

Although it was the beginning of the holiday, gratefully, many people participated.

7 YG members and 9 exchange students gathered around at the front gate of Yonsei University and headed for Summit Sports Climbing near Ewha University Station.   

There were two instructors to teach us. The climbing center was only open for us on that day, so we could use the facilities comfortably.

First, we listened to the explanation of the instructors about the facilities and the climbing shoes.

Next, we divided into two groups and did the climbing. Since the climbing shoes were uncomfortable and it was the first time experiencing climbing for most of the students,

lots of people suffered from pain. However, the instructors were delightful people and it was totally unique experience, so all the people enjoyed it.

Also, during the breaktime, YG members and exchange students gathered around and had a time to get to know each other.

After the program, we went to eat chicken for dinner and it tasted great. It took about 3 hours (3:00~6:00) for the program including dinner. It was a fantastic and novel experience.

Thank you Yonsei Global!