[GD] Putting our heads together to plan Global Day!!

<Putting our heads together to plan Global Day!!>

We had a meeting at club room on 4th of April, 2019 to plan for one of the biggest event took charged by Yonsei Global, Global day.
We decided to introduce and try some fun activities about Italy.
The Global Day team prepared so hard for the festival and we could see their hard work when they prsented the scheme. 
Also one of the team member showed the picture she designed to inform the sequence of the booth and it was so well made.
What trainee could do was making a introducing comments for every booth and write letters to Italian exchange students for some help.
After that we made a ballot to decide what to give winners for games.
Lastly, we discussed about some good background music, movie and decoration that could make visitors to feel like they were in Italy.

After making deciding all the details of the festival, we chilled out and had some alcohol~
We are so expecting to have great fun in Global Day!!