[OS] Changdeok Palace

The Second One Shot Program to Changdeok Palace

We had our Second One Shot Program on 13th of April, 2019.

We visited the Changdeok Palace and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of flowers.


There were twenty of us, including eleven exchange students and nine of our club members.

We met at the SK International Dormitory and got on the bus on our way to the palace.


The whole course took about three hours; One hour for following the tour guide to learn about specific details of the Changdeok Palace,

another hour to walk through the palace freely and search for our own photo spots, and the one last hour to have small talks with each other while drinking some beverages.


Are you concerning about which program you should choose to make a wonderful memory in Korea?

Then absolutely the One Shot Program should be your choice! Imagine yourself being kings and queens in the palace and have a delightful time with our club members!

Beautiful flowers bloomed with the color of red, pink, and yellow would be waiting you!