[LE] Walk and Talk

We had ‘LE(Language Exchange) Walk and Talk’ program in Han river on March 31, 2019. The members are paired with a Korean student, one exchange student as a ‘Buddy’.

With the exception of some, we gathered at the main gate of Yonsei University and went to the Han River by subway. Others joined at the station.


We laid mats around the Han River and ate chicken and pizza for lunch. It was a little cold

because of the wind, but everyone laughed and ate them deliciously.


After lunch, we played two games. First one is ‘Emoticon Game’. It is a game that matches the theme of a movie festival only through Kakao Talk emoticons. Second one is ‘Say in Body Language’.

As the picture says, if one person comes out and explains the problem with his body, the rest of the team will guess the answer. Every member joined excitedly.


After all the activities, the team with the most points received the Yonsei hoodie as a reward. Other teams were given automatic pencils. There are 17 people in this program and it takes about 3 hours. Even if the weather was a little bad, everyone went back with fun!