[KPD] Learning how to K-pop dance

On March 26th, 2019, We had our first KPD program.

KPD program is a program where we can learn K-pop dance choreography.

The program started at 7 pm for 2 hours and about 12 foreign friends participated in this program.

We met in front of the school and together we walked to the dance practice room which was located near the Shin-chon subway station. It took about 15 minutes from school.

The title of the song of the choreography was ‘Energetic’ by group Wanna-one.

Because of the limited time, the teacher had edited the song so that we could learn the main parts of the song.

With the instruction of our dance teacher, we learned step by step how to dance.

After the teacher showed us what to learn, she slowly taught us the routine.

Then, she let us practice again and again by turning on the music in slower speed.

When the teacher saw some of us struggling with the choreography, she told that practice is the answer.

Some of the participants were good at dancing that they performed it so well and some even seemed like they had already learned the routine.

When the class almost ended, many people were sweating but many of them looked like they had fun.