[CT] Visiting MBC

On March 24, we had our first CT(Company Tour) program!

We visited one of the famous stations in Korea, MBC.

The gathering time was 9: 45 a.m., and 22 exchange students participated in the program.

Taking a bus, we moved from school to the broadcasting station together.

There were 3 zones open to the public, and the tour lasted about 2 hours.

There were many experiences related to Korean broadcasting.

First, we watched a hologram of a performance by a famous Korean K-pop star.

And exchange students and Yonsei Global students learned K-pop dance, had a VR experience, and ran the news as if we had become an anchor.

After the tour, we went back to school and ate 김밥(gimbap) for lunch together.

It was a great time to get a little closer to Korean modern culture.