[CT]Visiting the Amorepacific company

On November 9th, 14 foreign students and 5 YG members visited the Amorepacific company. We gathered in front of New Millennium Hall at 8:20am and took a bus that YG booked. Everyone was given a bottle of water and Kimbab for breakfast/lunch. It took about an hour ride to the company, and from there the guide of the company led the tour.

She took a picture of the group in front of the building, and gave out visitor passes. We weren’t allowed to take any pictures inside, and were told to cover our cameras with the stickers the guide gave out.

The company tour took about an hour, and the guide was fluent in English, so everyone was able to understand her speech. There was a photo zone where people could take pictures of themselves and photoshop, the picture into Korean beauty advertisements. At the end of the tour, everyone was given a free souvenir, a customized lipstick with one’s name on it.

After the tour, we all took the bus back to Shinchon and went home.