[OS] ‘Seoul bit-chorong festival’

For the third one shot program, we visited cheonggye-cheon on November 10th. 4 YG members and 9 exchange students were there. The light show, which is officially called ‘Seoul bit-chorong festival’ was held on that day and that's why we picked cheonggye-cheon to visit. ‘Bit-chorong’ means that the light twinkles. We met in front of the school, and took a bus to get there. It takes only 15-20 minutes. When we got off the bus, we saw hundreds of people walking around cheonggye-cheon. We went down to see the lights. There are many light artworks that mimicked Namsan Tower, the character ‘Tayo’, and Korean traditional robot ‘Taekwon-V’. Also there were rainbow lights and the committee gave a chance to float the light on cheonggye-cheon if we pay for it. All of us enjoyed to see the festival and the atmosphere and scenery made us somewhat relaxed.

After looking around the event, all of us went to Korean restaurant. We enjoyed dumpling soup, bulgogi, jeon, and so on. As ‘gwangjang market’ was near there, some students went there to buy yuk-hoe and to see traditional culture of market. It was an unforgettable chance to enjoy Korean festival with foreign students!