[GD] Mexico Day Ep. 2

Sc global day – day2

One of the biggest events of Yonsei global, the second day of global day (Mexico day) was held on November 7th at Baekyangnuri Global lounge. All YG members took a part in decoration and ran the booth. It was opened to anyone who wanted to enjoy it.

There were 7 booths: Mexico quiz, Finding jalapenos by smell, Doing Fifa game, Trying Mexican traditional costume, Learning espanol, The day of the dead and Being a Cowboy. And we offered quesadilla pizza and drink to visitors who collected stickers through enjoying 7 booths. Also, there were gifts like succulents, eco-bag, coupon for taco-bell (Mexican restaurant).

Trying on the Mexican traditional costume was popular to students. There were sombrero (Mexican hat), poncho, and some Mexican traditional accessories like hair band and scarf. There was a horse mask, so many friends and couples tried it and took a photo like cowboy and horse and they seemed so happy. Many people visited this event and enjoyed a lot.