[GD] Mexico Day Ep.1

On November 6th and 7th, Global Day which is one of the biggest events of the Yonsei Global was held at the Global Lounge, Baekyang Nuri from 11am to 6pm. This semester’s GD was focused on Mexico and therefore, was called ‘Mexico Day’. Many students who attend Yonsei visited this event and had fun participating in games and activities that YG prepared for this entire semester. Students came with their friends, lovers or even on their own.

Stickers were given to whoever joined in and all of the participants who finished filling up the sticker card could receive a quesadilla with drink. Further, some of them received prizes like an eco-bag with a ‘Mexico’ print, a cactus miniature, brewed Mexican coffee, a badge, or a ‘Taco Bell’ gift card through a lottery.

There were seven booths: ‘Quiz about Mexico’, ‘Finding Jalapeno’, ‘Photo Zone with Mexican costumes’, ‘FIFA game’, ‘Learning a Mexico Language’, ‘Mexican Day of the Dead’, ‘Cowboy experience’.

For the ‘Photo Zone with Mexican costumes’, a Mexican traditional costume, poncho and hat, sombrero were prepared as props. A horse mask was the most popular prop for those whom wanted to take a photo in front of the background that gives an impression of Mexico.

Lots of Korean and exchange students came to the Global Lounge to participate in ‘Mexico Day’. They expressed total satisfaction that they could get to know about the country, Mexico, much better after visiting this event.