[GA] Membership Training Ep.2

YG MT is the most energetic program among all of YG programs. Many Koreans and other people from different countries can meet one another and enjoy several games together.

It is a great chance to get closer to people in YG.

This time, it was held on November 3rd to 4th and it was Saturday and Sunday. About 60 people (approximately 20 were Koreans and 40 were not Koreans) participated in this MT.

Most members of YG(Koreans) went to the MT place by bus or taxi, and other people got there by a rental bus. At first we gathered and had dinner with Korean Barbecue and little of Soju. And then we went back to our place (like a large living room) to play some games together. There were three kinds of games, ‘Relay painting’ and’ Relay Rock Paper Scissors’ and ‘Speak with your body’. After those games, we drunk Soju and had some snacks, while playing Korean alcohol games.

If you want to interact with many people from different countries and make a nice memory, come and join in YG MT!