[GA] Membership Training Ep.1

 On November 3rd and 4th, 31 exchange students and 24 YG members went to GA membership training. We first gathered in front of New Millennium hall around 4 p.m., and went to cheonsaengyeonbun village by bus. After we arrived at village hall, exchange students greeted and introduced themselves to others in a room, and YG members prepared Korean barbeque for dinner. Grilled beef, kimchi, cooked rice, beer, and Korean soju were provided. We had a talk and got to know each other while having dinner.

 After dinner, we were divided into 7 teams and played several games. In each game, a team who gets the lowest point had to drink one bottle of soju as a penalty. The first game was “Relay drawing quiz”. When a word is given, team members should draw a picture that can describe the word as a relay and final member should guess the word by the picture they draw. By playing the game as a team, YG members and exchange students could get closer to each other. The second game was “Speak with your body”. In this game, one of the team members should explain given words only by body movements, and the other members should guess the words. All the students described the words well and they seemed to have fun by playing this game. The last game was “Relay rock-scissors-paper”. Team members did rock-scissors-paper as a relay and losing teams shared a bottle of soju.

Once the games were finished, we sat in a circle and learned Korean alcohol games such as “baskin robbins 31”, “bunny bunny”, and “Mecander”. We could also learn other countries’ games like “We are Samurai” from exchange students. We played the games, ate snacks, and chatted a lot throughout the night. Next morning, people went back to their home by taxi or bus.