[TS]'유자유' (Yujayu), a popular tteok-bokki place

Our third ‘Tasty Sinchon’ program was held on the first day of November. 5 exchange students and 6 YG members gathered at 위당관 215 at 6 PM. We watched a presentation about some popular Korean food and played some simple quiz for special gifts.

After that, we moved to 유자유 (Yujayu), a popular tteok-bokki place in Sinchon. We had a fun chat while having the great Kimchi tteok-bokki, which is the original menu in Yujayu, and tried some Yuzu drink. Some foreigner students said that it was pretty spicy, but they couldn’t stop eating. They even had some rice mixed with its sauce, too! It was fun and valuable time hanging out together and having such nice meals.