[KPD]Learning 〔BTS - I Need You〕

The second KPD(K-Pop Dance class) for this semester took place on October 30th.

11 exchange students and 6 YG members gathered in front of Exit 7 of Sinchon Station, at 6:30PM. We moved to the dancing studio nearby Seogang University on foot for about ten minutes.


After some people who wanted to change their clothes did so, all gathered together in a circle to introduce each other. The second teacher of KPD was a member of the Yonsei dance club 'Churus'. The song was 〔BTS - I Need You〕. The teacher first showed us the dance part we were going to learn.


We first stretched our body, and learned dance moves one by one. Since the moves were so complicated and the song was too fast, the teacher coached us how to dance, with singing the song in person. Then, we developed our dance with the slow version and the original version of the song.


We took a break twice. Meanwhile, we had some drink, watched the teacher dance to another song, and played the 〔DDU-DU DDU-DU〕 that we had learned at the first KPD.


Finally, we practiced dancing from the beginning to the end without a teacher's demonstration. We helped each other to finish the dance.


At about 8:30, the class was finished. After we applauded together and thanked each other, we moved to Sinchon and had dinner (Jjimdak) together.