[KCE] Experiencing Taekwondo

10.29 was the day of experiencing Taekwondo. It was the 2nd program of KCE. On Sunday, at 2 p.m., 3 trainees and a 1 buddy met at the Taekwondo studio near a Sookmyung Woman’s University station. As a buddy is unfamiliar with the way to Sookmyung Woman’s University, our KCE chief met her in front of Yonsei university and take her to the Taekwondo studio.

So we learned Taekwondo for almost 2 hours. The chief of Taekwondo was good at English and he spoke in English for a buddy during class. We learned many skills of Taekwondo. It was really exciting and very funny. In fact, last semester’s Taekwondo program had much popularity and a lot of trainees and buddies (almost 20 people) participated. But this time was a minority, so we were sad, but anyway it was great. We really recommend this program to all of exchange students.

After the program, a buddy and 2 trainees ( sadly, one trainee had an appointment) ate Tteok-bokki, Stir-fried Rice Cake where is in front of Taekwondo studio. We had a conversation and shared many themes at restaurant. It was great to listen to each other’s story.

At the end, 2 trainees took a buddy to the in front of Yonsei University for her safety. From the beginning and to the End, it was a terrific day. I hope you guys to join here!