[TS]‘닭갈비 제작소’, the Dak-galbi restaurant

The first TS(Tasty Sinchon) for this semester took place on October 4th. 
7 exchange students and 6 YG members gathered at S118B, 과학원 at 6:30PM. First, we had a time to introduce the representative food enjoyed by university students in Korea. We covered Bulgogi, chicken, Dak-galbi, Samgyeopsal, Dakbal and so on. One of the YG members announced where the food was originated, how it is made, and which province is famous for that food. He also introduced some famous restaurants in Sinchon. Then, we took a time for some quiz about the food, and delivered a small prize.

Before 7PM, we moved to ‘닭갈비 제작소’, the Dak-galbi restaurant in Shinchon. It took about 10 minutes on foot. At the restaurant, we were able to make our own Dak-galbi. We freely chose which sauce to put and which vegetables to add. This made it easier for every exchange student to enjoy Dak-galbi. Even foreigners who have difficulty eating spicy foods also liked it much. The exchange students and YG members sat together, had the food, and talked about Korea, Yonsei, etc. It was a good chance to get to know each other with fun.