[LE] Walk & Talk program

Language Exchange buddies went on a picnic down to Yeouido Hangang Park on September 30th, for LE Walk & Talk program. 

A total of 24 people, including 9 Yonsei Global members met up at Sinchon station to take a bus together to Yeouido at 12:00 pm. 

The weather was perfect for an outing, and all the buddies enjoyed the brief walk toward the designated picnic spot. 

Upon arrival, the buddies first sat down by the river and introduced each other. 

Instead of doing an awkward self- introduction, each person took turns introducing their buddies. 

Since there was a prize for the most ‘TMI’ introduction of one’s buddy, the introductions were very enjoyable. 

Then, we had fried -chicken and pizza for lunch. After the meals, the group played charades and ‘guess the word,’ 

that we can keep up with the meaning of newly coined Korean terms. There were also prizes for the MVP of each game. 

The prizes included Yonsei goods and other very unique items (- join the next Walk & Talk to find out what they were!). 

A group photo was taken after the games. The buddies took a bus back to Sinchon around 2 pm, with the program lasting 

for about two hours.