[OS] Watching baseball game (LG vs Doosan)

This semester’s first OS program was held on September 21st, Friday. About 8 YG members and 8 exchange students participated in the program. We all met in front of Yonsei University at 5 P.M. and took subway line 2 to head to Jamsil baseball stadium, which took about an hour to arrive at the stadium.

YG members ordered pizza and chicken, and we picked them up as we entered the stadium. There were five boxes each of pizza and chicken and everyone enjoyed the food. 

We divided up into 4 rows and watched the game. We couldn’t take a group's pictures because there were too many people 

outside the stadium. Instead, we took selfies in our seats. 

We worried that it may rain during the game, but thankfully the weather was fine. 

Wsat on the Doosan side of the stadium, and was able to see how they cheered throughout the game. Doosan also won the game

on that day. Some YG members got beer for the group, and we enjoyed beer while watching the game. 

It was fun to watch how Doosan fans cheer for their team. They had a song for each player and for each situations in the game. 

We could copy some simple parts of the cheering songsThe game was over around 9:30. After the gamepeople split up

Members who live near the stadium went straight home and the others headed back to Shinchon with the exchange students.